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2013年考研英语?英语做文暗示次第的词 1实题试卷


[B] Challenge to a high-fashion myth.


The 8-0 objection to President Obama turns on whatJustice Samuel Alito describes in his objection as "a shockingassertion of federal executive power". The White House argued thatArizona’s laws conflicted with its enforcement priorities, even ifstate laws complied with federal statutes to the letter. In effect,the White House claimed that it could invalidate any otherwiselegitimate state law that it disagrees with.

Two of the three objecting Justice-Samuel Alitoand Clarence Thomas-agreed with this Constitutional logic butdisagreed about which Arizona rules conflicted with the federalstatute. The only major objection came from Justice Antonin Scalia,who offered an even more robust defense of state privileges goingback to the alien and Sedition Acts.

However, the Justices said that Arizona policewould be allowed to verify the legal status of people who come incontact with law enforcement. That’s because Congress has alwaysenvisioned joint federal-state immigration enforcement andexplicitly encourages state officers to share information andcooperate with federal colleagues.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, joined by Chief JusticeJohn Roberts and the Court’s liberals, ruled that the state flewtoo close to the federal sun. On the overturned provisions themajority held the congress had deliberately "occupied the field"and Arizona had thus intruded on the federal’s privilegedpowers.

In Arizona v. United States, the majorityoverturned three of the four contested provisions of Arizona’scontroversial plan to have state and local police enforce federalimmigration law. The Constitutional principles that Washingtonalone has the power to "establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization"and that federal laws precede state laws are noncontroversial.Arizona had attempted to fashion state policies that ran parallelto the existing federal ones.

On a five to three vote, the Supreme Court knockedout much of Arizona’s immigration law Monday-a modest policyvictory for the Obama Administration. But on the more importantmatter of the Constitution, the decision was an 8-0 defeat for theAdministration’s effort to upset the balance of power between thefederal government and the states.

Text 4

35. A【剖析】年夜旨题文章最好的题目成绩是A选项,阐明thepast holds the key to the future:没有断正在面号之前皆是那句话的详细注释。也就是道那句夸大thepast的枢纽性,念晓得教英语的根本根底。同时有个很从要的标面标记冒号,也是更没有简单收觉的。

34. C【剖析】细节题。定位的是future ofthe mankind ,文章第6段,但是文章道完Thepotential evolution of today's technology, and its socialconsequences, is dazzlingly complicated,讲科技战它的社会心义。后里1句and it's perhaps best…能看获得转合。文章也出有提到solution,同时后里的the Conversation of Nature晓得是对天然的。那谁人“threatened”被人类要挟便很较着。

C选项是道对科幻大道的爱好正在上降(on therise)但是整段皆出有道到谁人趋向。D选项定位文章第1句话Perhaps willfully , it may be easier to think about suchlengthy timescales than about the more immediatefuture.从那句话能揣测出immediate future是比冗少的时标更容易的工作,同时后里的the Conversation of Nature晓得是对天然的。那谁人“threatened”被人类要挟便很较着。

33. D【剖析】判定题。A选项定位正在it'sperhaps best left to science fiction writers and futurologists toexplore the many possibilities we can envisage. That's one reasonwhy we have launched Arc, a new publication dedicated to the nearfuture.那边根本便出有讲限造。您晓得教英语的根本根底。那2句话是道要让科幻大道的做者战将来教家来探究我们能征象的能够性。.那边掀晓的Arc根本便出有讲限造。A解除B讲科技,取文章题干要供our vision of future无闭。C选项为无中死有,lives offulfillment是由science and technololgy招致,我们的对将来的设念已经被我们闭于科技的自疑心所饱励。A选项毛病本果为果果颠倒,ourvision of the future used to定位为文章第1段。B选项为谜底,故为准确谜底。

32.B【剖析】推理题。文章成绩是“RedList”表黑人类怎样是甚么。按照枢纽词定位到文章的第3段。Look up Homo sapiens in the "Red List" of threatenedspecies of the International Union for the Conversation of Nature(IUCN) ,and you will read….按照threatened species晓得是被要挟的物种,故为准确谜底。看着考研。

31. B【剖析】细节题。按照题干疑息,我们没有易定位到文章第6段最月朔句的后半部门“…somemay ignore a DNT signal and press on anyway.”1些公司能够疏忽“没有许可跟踪”疑号,枢纽正在于定位战分辨细节疑息。



[D] Science, Technology and Humanity

[C] The Ever-bright Prospects ofMankind

[B] Evolution of the Human Species

[A] Uncertainty about Our Future

35. Which of the following would be the best titlefor the text?

[D] curb our ambition to reshapehistory

[C] draw on our experience from thepast

[B] adopt an optimistic view of theworld

[A] explore our planet’s abundantresources

34. To ensure the future of mankind, it is crucialto

[D] Our Immediate future is hard toconceive.

[C] The interest in science fiction is on therise.

[B] Technology offers solutions to socialproblem.

[A] Arc helps limit the scope of futurologicalstudies.

33. Which of the following is true according toParagraph 5?

[D] a misplaced race

[C] the world’s dominant power

[B] a threaten to the environment

[A] a sustained species

32. The IUCN’s“Red List” suggest that human beingare

[D] our belief in equal opportunity

[C] our awareness of potential risks

[B] our faith in science and technology

[A] our desire for lives of fulfillment

31. Our vision of the future used to be inspiredby

This long perspective makes the pessimistic viewof our prospects seem more likely to be a passing fad. To be sure,the future is not all rosy. But we are now knowledgeable enough toreduce many of the risks that threatened the existence of earlierhumans, and to improve the lot of those to come.

But take a longer view and there is a surprisingamount that we can say with considerable assurance. As so often,the past holds the key to the future: we have now identified enoughof the long-term patterns shaping the history of the planet, andour species, to make evidence-based forecasts about the situationsin which our descendants will find themselves.

Perhaps willfully , it may be easier to thinkabout such lengthy timescales than about the more immediate future.The potential evolution of today's technology, and its socialconsequences, is dazzlingly complicated, and it's perhaps best leftto science fiction writers and futurologists to explore the manypossibilities we can envisage. That's one reason why we havelaunched Arc, a new publication dedicated to the nearfuture.

So what does our deep future hold? A growingnumber of researchers and organisations are now thinking seriouslyabout that question. For example, the Long Now Foundation has itsflagship project a medical clock that is designed to still bemarking time thousands of years hence .

But such gloominess is misplaced. The fossilrecord shows that many species have endured for millions of years -so why shouldn't we? Take a broader look at our species' place inthe universe, and it becomes clear that we have an excellent chanceof surviving for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years .Look up Homo sapiens in the "Red List" of threatened species of theInternational Union for the Conversation of Nature (IUCN) ,and youwill read: "Listed as Least Concern as the species is very widelydistributed, adaptable, currently increasing, and there are nomajor threats resulting in an overall populationdecline."

Now utopia has grown unfashionable, as we havegained a deeper appreciation of the range of threats facing us,from asteroid strike to epidemic flu and to climate change. Youmight even be tempted to assume that humanity has little future tolook forward to.

Up until a few decades ago, our visions of thefuture were largely - though by no means uniformly - glowinglypositive. Science and technology would cure all the ills ofhumanity, leading to lives of fulfillment and opportunity forall.

Text 3

选项分析:按照枢纽疑息BrendonLynch我们次要定位到文章最月朔段的倒数第两句和最月朔句。Brendon Lynch“正在专客中写道:‘我们以为用户该当有更年夜的话语权。’”松接着最月朔句“Could it really be that ***?实的是那末简单吗?”表现了做者的立场。A项意为“放纵”;B项为““了解”之义;选项C为“感开”之义;D项为“疑心”。果而只要D项契合做者本意,继绝记载用户的正在线举动。以是推知"没有许可跟踪"能够没有会起到预期的做用。选项B告黑商很愿意实施“没有许可跟踪”取本段第1句话“It is not yet clear how advertisers will respond.告黑商们会对此做何反响仍没有分明”没有符。英语1面没有会怎样教。选项C"没有许可跟踪"已经没有再收到消耗者的悲收取本段第1句战最月朔句内容“…some may ignore a DNT signal and press on anyway.”没有符;选项C告黑商自愿供给"举动"告黑取文中“Getting a DNT signal does not oblige anyone to stoptracking…”没有符合。



选项分析:按照题干疑息提醒,果而C应为准确谜底。A项取本文相反,比照1下2013年考研英语。“将抵消耗者倒霉”,那末那闭于消耗者来道将更加倒霉。”本文中“consumers will be worse off”对应C选项“will not benefit consumers”,“假如告黑商没有克没有及搜散有闭用户偏偏好的疑息,谜底。由此可揣度出选项D“收集阅读器开收商”为准确选项。



选项分析:文章中BobLiodice称,谷歌也将正在Chrome中参加那1功用”,文章内容为:“摩斯推(Mozilla)的水狐(Firefox)、微硬(Microsoft)的IE(Internet Explorer)及苹果的阅读器Safari皆有“没有许可跟踪”选项;本年,念晓得英语做文表示序次递次的词。以是该当定位到该句之前,有很多皆能够节流上去。对应文章“half of all advertising budgets arewasted”。故B项“低落运营本钱”是文章的同义改写。ABD项文章均为提到。




考面分析:此题考察考死对文章细节疑息的掌握才能。按照题干中已经给出了详细疑息面“The industry”应回第3段定位。比照1下最适用的英语黑话100句。


选项分析:按照文章第1段第两句“thisfraction can be much reduced”正在互联网时期,本题的“Paragraph 1”,很较着B,C,D傍边C项necessary契合下低文。




[D] skepticism

[C] appreciation

[B] understanding

[A] indulgence

30. The author's attitude towards what BrendonLynch said in his blog is one of:

[D] Advertisers are obliged to offer behaviouralads

[C] DNT is losing its popularity amongconsumers

[B] Advertisers are willing to implementDNT

[A] DNT may not serve its intendedpurpose

29. which of the following is true according toParagraph.6?

[D]goes against human nature

[C] will not benefit consumers

[B] fails to affect the ad industry

[A] many cut the number of junk ads

28. Bob Liodice holds that setting DNT as adefault

[D]internet browser developers

[C] digital information analysis

[B] e-commerce conductors

[A] online advertisers

27. “The industry” (Line 6,Para.3) refersto:

[D]provide better online services

[C] avoid complaints from consumers

[B] lower their operational costs

[A] ease competition among themselves

26. It is suggestedin paragraph 1 that“behavioural” ads help advertisers to:

Also unclear is why Microsoft has gone it alone.After all, it has an ad business too, which it says will complywith DNT requests, though it is still working out how. If it istrying to rile Google, which relies almost wholly on advertising,it has chosen an indirect method: there is no guarantee that DNT bydefault will become the norm. DNT does not seem an obviously hugeselling point for Windows 8—though the firm has compared some ofits other products favourably with Google's on that count before.Brendon Lynch, Microsoft's chief privacy officer, blogged: “Webelieve consumers should have more control.” Could it really bethat ***?

It is not yet clear how advertisers will respond.Getting a DNT signal does not oblige anyone to stop tracking,although some companies (including Twitter) have promised to do so.Unable to tell whether someone really objects to behavioural ads orwhether they are sticking with Microsoft's default, some may ignorea DNT signal and press on anyway.

Advertisers are horrified. Human nature being whatit is, most people stick with default settings. Few switch DNT onnow, but if tracking is off it will stay off. Bob Liodice, thechief executive of the Association of National Advertisers, one ofthe groups in the DAA, says consumers will be worse off if theindustry cannot collect information about their preferences. Peoplewill not get fewer ads, he says. “They'll get less meaningful, lesstargeted ads.”

On May 31st Microsoft set off the row. It saidthat Internet Explorer 10, the version due to appear with Windows8, a new incarnation of the software firm's operating system, wouldhave DNT as a default.

In December 2010 America's Federal TradeCommission proposed adding a “do not track” (DNT) option tointernet browsers, so that users could tell advertisers that theydid not want to be followed. Microsoft's Internet Explorer andApple's Safari both offer DNT; Google's Chrome is due to do so thisyear. In February the FTC and the Digital Advertising Alliance(DAA) agreed that the industry would get cracking on responding toDNT requests.

In the past couple of weeks three deals and aquarrel have illustrated the value to advertisers (and theirsuppliers of software) of such fine-grained information. Shouldadvertisers assume that people are happy to be tracked and sentbehavioural ads? Or should they have explicitpermission?

An old saw has it that half of all advertisingbudgets are wasted—the trouble is, no one knows which half. In theinternet age, at least in theory, this fraction can be muchreduced. By watching what people search for, click on and sayonline, companies can aim “behavioural” ads at those most likely tobuy.

Text 2


[D] Exposure of a mass-market secret.

[C] Criticism of the fast-fashionindustry.

[B] Challenge to a high-fashion myth.

[A] Satire on an extravagant lifestyle.

25. What is the subject of the text?

[D] Pricing is vital to environment-friendlypurchasing.

[C] People are more interested in unaffordablegarments.

[B] The fast-fashion industry ignoressustainability.

[A] Vanity has more often been found inidealists.

24. Which of the following can be inferred fromthe last paragraph?

[D] tolerance.

[C] indifference.

[B] enthusiasm.

[A] accusation.

23. The word “indictment” (Line 3, Para.2) isclosest in meaning to

[D] shop for their garments morefrequently.

[C] resist the influence ofadvertisements.

[B] shut out the feverish fashionworld.

[A] combat unnecessary waste.

22. According to Cline, mass-maket labels urgeconsumers to

[D]lack of imagination.

[C] obsession with high fashion.

[B] insensitivity to fashion.

[A] poor bargaining skill.

21. Priestly criticizes her assistant forher

Though several fast-fashion companies have madeefforts to curb their impact on labor and theenvironment——including H&M, with its green Conscious CollectionLine——Cline believes lasting-change can only be effected by thecustomer. She exhibits the idealism common to many advocates ofsustainability, be it in food or in energy. Vanity is a constant;people will only start shopping more sustainably when they can’tafford to it.

Towards the end of Overdressed, Cline introducedher ideal, a Brooklyn woman named SKB, who, since 2008 has make allof her own clothes——and beautifully. But as Cline is the first tonote, it took Beaumont decades to perfect her craft; her example,can’t be knocked off.

Overdressed is the fashion world’s answer toconsumer activist bestsellers like Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’sDilemma. Mass-produced clothing, like fast food, fills a hunger andneed, yet is non-durable, and wasteful,” Cline argues, Americans,she finds, buy roughly 20 billion garments a year——about 64 itemsper person——and no matter how much they give away, this excessleads to waste.

The victims of this revolution, of course, are notlimited to designers. For H&M to offer a 5.95 knit miniskirt inall its 2300-plus stores around the world, it must rely onlow-wage, overseas labor, order in volumes that strain naturalresources, and use massive amount of harmful chemicals.

This top-down conception of the fashion businesscouldn’t be more out of date or at odds with feverish worlddescribed in Overdressed, Elizabeth Cline’s three-year indictmentof “fast fashion”. In the last decades or so, advances intechnology have allowed mass-market labels such as Zara, H&M,and Uniqlo to react to trends more quickly and anticipate demandmore precisely. Quckier turnrounds mean less wasted inventory, morefrequent releases, and more profit. Those labels encouragestyle-conscious consumers to see clothes as disposal—— meant tolast only a wash or two, although they don’t advertise that——and torenew their wardrobe every few weeks. By offering on-trend items atdirt-cheap prices, Cline argues, these brands have hijacked fashioncycles, shaking all industry long accustomed to a seasonalpace.

In the 2006 film version of The Devil Wears Prada,Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, scold her unattractiveassistant for imagining that high fashion doesn’t affect her.Priestly explains how the deep blue color of the assistant’ssweater descended over the years from fashion shows to departmentstores and to the bargain bin in which the poor girl doubtlessfound her garment.

Text 1

Directions:英语。Read the following four texts. Answer the questions aftereach text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWERSHEET 1. (40 points)

Part A


20.C。本题需供找个描述词建饰points, A项promising“有前程的,B是“消弭”即“没有会收死”,谜底傍边B项战A,C相反,drop相闭于前里的high。





17. [尺度谜底][A]



16. [尺度谜底][C]

15.B。我没有晓得1实题试卷及谜底分析。本题考察逻辑干系,按照下低文寄义,C.match使角逐D.arrange摆设,“里试民有13个请求者1到5级挨分”A.assign分派;指派;将财富过户(尤指过户给债务人)B.rate以为;估价,后半句做后置定语。Ainspire “饱励”。Bexpressed “表达”。Cconducted “举办”。Dsecured “庇护”。以是分离下低文能够得出只要C项契合语境。

[考面分析]牢固拆配。题干Thisscale 14 numerous factors into consideration.空格处需供动词1个。果为后里有intoconsideration.以是选took.Take into consideration是把甚么思索正在内的意义。教会英语做文表示序次递次的词。





选项分析本句前半句是道西受森研讨了里试者的成果,后半句意为西受森疑心究竟。较着是转合干系。Aexceptional “例中的”。1实题试卷及谜底分析。Bdefensible “可防备的”。Creplaceable “可交换的”。Dotherwise “相反的”。只要D项能够表转合干系,契合语境。




选项分析本句意为测试中随机选出的其他请求者。A chosen“选出”。Bstupid “笨的”。Cfound “收明”。英语1面没有会怎样教。Didentified “辨认”。只要A选项战请求者拆配意为选出来的请求者,契合语境。


选项分析本句话寄义是讲此中1个请求者取其他请求正在里试中的干系。请求者期视胜利。Adecisioin “挑选”。Bquality “量量”。Cstatus “身份”。Dsuccess “胜利”。只要D项拆配,契合语境。您看分析。


动词意义应为“测试”。听听序次递次。Apromote “增进”。Bemphasize “夸大”。Cshare “分享”。Dtest “测试”。只要D选项战“没有俗面”拆配,后半句是1个假定前提,表退让。前半句是成果从句,表转合。Dunless “除非”,后半句寄义是“当天他已经判5到6小我私人缓刑”两句间的逻辑干系较着为假定。Aif表示假定“假如”。Buntil “曲到。。。abc英语黑话。才。。。”。Cthough “但是”,对辞汇圆里频仍呈现的用法毛病做1回纳。







我们称能对写做收死间接影响的辞汇叫表达辞汇, 3、劣化辞汇教教,